To take payments online using BML's online gateway you need to apply to BML Merchant Portal and mPOS. Please continue this guide once you have access to BML merchant portal.

Create a client on Merchant Portal

  1. Login to BML merchant portal (
  2. Click "Connect" on the left main menu and click "+ADD NEW APP"
  3. Enter the Name as "Ewity" and Domain URL as ""
  4. You will need to copy the credentials from this client and enter it into Ewity POS to set it up.

Connect Merchant Portal to Ewity POS

  1. Goto Company Admin > Settings and then select Payments
  2. Click "Add Payment Method" and select Type as "BML Gateway"
  3. Enter the App ID and App Secret from the client you created in the Merchant Portal
  4. Copy the webhook URL given and enter it into the webhook section of Merchant Portal (In Connect, On the top menu click "Webhooks")

That's it! It's integrated. Now a few legal things to get out of the way before you start taking payments online via BML Online methods.

BML Requires all online stores to have a Privacy Policy, Delivery Policy and Terms & Conditions. You can create these documents easily in Ewity POS.

Create Policies

  1. Goto Ecommerce > Online Locations and select the location you want
  2. Goto Legal & Others tab.
  3. Click New Page. You need to add three pages for the three required policies. You can use the markdown editor mentioned to write your policies.

Enable Payments

Once your policies are set up, you can goto Ecommerce > Platforms > GoPrime and then select the Fulfilment Tab.

There you can see "Online Payments". Select BML gateway and click save.

Now your users will be able to pay to your online store and funds will be deposited straight in to your bank account.

Important points to note

  • Users will be able to pay only when you "Accept" an order
  • If you cancel an order after a user has paid you have to manually refund the user
  • In the order list there is a Payment Tick. If the user has paid it will be shown in green. You can also see the payment method user paid with and reference number in the Order activity log as well as in Bill Payments