Products with options like Size, Color, etc are called as Variant Products in Ewity.

For example if you are selling T-Shirts, every T-Shirt might have Color and Size as attribute types. Ewity supports upto 3 attribute types.

How to create a variant product

  • Goto the product create menu (In Product Listing > New Product)
  • Select product type as Variant.
  • Set your attributes in the Variant Attributes section.
  • Now you can add as many variants as you want. You can set the values for every variant as you require. Every variant can have it's own barcode, sku, pricing and cost.
  • You can click the "Add Variant" button to keep adding more as you need.

That's it! Variants will be supported in purchasing, transfers and selling. Your stock will be maintained individually for every variant of the product. There is no limit to the number of variants a product can have.