1. Log in to "Ewity POS".
  2. Click the side menu and select the "Products"
  3. There will appear products, recipes, brands and categories.
  4. Here you can select "products" if you're a retail business and "recipes" if you're a food outlet.
  5. Select "Product" , and the basic information about the product is required to enter, including the name of the product, brand, category and supplier as well.
  6. Little description about the product shall be entered because it will make it easier to identify the right product.
  7. Then, the shops (outlets) where this product will be available should be entered.
  8. Then, these questions shall be answered, whether the inventory should be tracked, it is ALWAYS advisable to track the items. Also, if mobile phones are sold, the inventory shall be serialised too. If food items or any other item is sold in kg, g, or in any other measurement it should be preferred accordingly.
  9. If tax is applicable for the product it shall be ticked, and if it's a restaurant service charge shall be ticked as well.
  10. Then if the product is a single type, or has variant types it shall be selected accordingly.
  11. Then pricing and barcodes with the cost price, selling price and quantity shall be entered.
  12. Now a product is entered to the POS.

Easy, isn't it?

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