Ewity POS allows you to sell items on Credit. A credit bill will be created and you will be able to receive payment for this bill at a later time.

How to make a Credit Sale

  1. Add items to the bill and select a customer (or create a new customer). A customer is required for a credit sale.
  2. Set the "Payment Amount" as 0. If the customer is paying for part of the bill you can set this amount to be the value customer is paying at the time. The remaining will be credit.
  3. Save the bill by clicking "Save Credit Bill"

How to receive payment to a Credit Bill

  1. Goto Point of Sale > Bill History and search for the credit bill customer wishes to pay for.
  2. In payments section you have an option "Receive Payment". From here you can receive payment for a credit bill.

Receive payment for multiple credit bills

If the customer wishes he can settle multiple credit bills at once. Ewity POS makes this easy for you.

  1. Goto Customers and find the customer
  2. On top click the button "Settle Bills".
  3. You can see all outstanding bills for the customer and add payments as required.

At this time partial payments is not supported when settling credit bills in Bulk. For partial payments please settle bills individually.