Batch products let you track expiry date and batches of inventory products. This can be useful if you have a need to track expiry date of products (Eg: In Pharmacies), or want to track inventory in batches. You will have to enter expiry of batch when receiving stock, and select inventory from batches when selling or transferring.

Batch products is only available for Retail locations

Creating a Batch Product

Select "Batch Product" as the type when creating a new product.

Receiving Stock

You can receive stock for a batch product using Direct Stock Receive. You will be asked to enter count of every batch and expiry date to receive stock.

Transferring Stock

When transferring stock you will need to select which batches you are transferring stock from. You can use Direct Stock Transfer to transfer stock for batch products

Making a sale

When making a sale, you will be prompted to choose which batch to sell from. You can select the count to sell and which batch to sell from to add items to the bill.

You can also use keyboard arrows to select batches and to change the count.