Add Products

There are 2 ways you can create products; bulk create products where you add a list of products using a sheet and create a single product. So, we will break down how to create a product both ways.

Add from UI

  • Go to products on the main menu tab > Products > + New product on the right >
  • A screen will pop up where you have to fill all the details of the product. Fill the information of the product. Details of the tabs will be explained underneath it.

Bulk Create Products

  • Go to products on the main menu tab > Products > Hover the ellipsis (3 dots) on the top right > You will see the option to Bulk Create Products.
  • You will now go to the bulk Create Screen > Click download template button > you will get the sheet with the format needed to import the products.
  • Add all the products that you want to add to this sheet. You will have 1 sample product added to the sheet as “Barcelona Jersey” as a reference.
  • Note: if you add a new tax or multiple locations the columns will be added for them to the sheet.
  • After you have added all the products to the sheet save the file and Drag and drop or upload the file to the box below.